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Presentations by Sustainable Banking @ Stanford

Lepech, M.,Panelist, The Green Economy and Sustainable Development, The Good Life: The Challenge of Progress in China Today, Institute for New Economic Thinking and Tsinghua University's Gradaute School at Shenzhen. (September 9, 2013)

Cahan, B.,Panelist, The Future of Finance, Oxford-Man Institute at Oxford University UK (May 29-30, 2013)

Cahan, B.,Panelist, Banking on the Common Good for the Common Good, Pontifical Council for Peace and Justice at The Vatican (May 13, 2013)

Cahan, B.,Presenter, Adjacencies Revealed: Banking beyond Rugged Individualism, TEDxHayward (May 9, 2013)

Cahan, B.,Presenter, Semantic Money™-storytelling happens when money moves that way, Next Bank Europe Conference (Rome October 11, 2012

Cahan, B.,Co-Host & Presenter, Sustainable Banking Options for China and the U.S., Stanford Center for Sustainable Development & Global Competition and Stanford School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Stanford CA August 2012)

Cahan, B.,Panelist, Removing Obstacles to Competition in UK Banking, Briefing for Members of Parliament chaired by David Davis MP (Portcullis House London June 2012)

Cahan, B.,Presenter, GoodBank™(IO) - How Poland’s Banks Can Restore What’s Meaningful, Briefing to Innovation Team at MBank (Poland May 2012 – Lodz)

Cahan, B.,Panelist, The Future of Money, SWIFT London Business Forum 2012 (London April 2012),

Cahan, B.,Panelist, The Gist and Grit of Innovation: Innovation best practices, SWIFT Operations Forum – Americas 2012 (New York March 2012),

Cahan, B.,Panelist, Banks for a Better World, SIBOS 2011 Conference (Toronto October 2011),

Cahan, B.,Presenter, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Smarter Living Workshop (August 2011), 

Cahan, B.,Lecturer, Ethical Finance as Roadway for Peace in the Middle East, Koret-Milken Institute Fellowship (Jerusalem Israel October 2010)

Cahan, B.,Participant, Gates Foundation-sponsored group to develop finance solutions for sustainable cities pre- and post-disaster (Istanbul Turkey October 2010)

Cahan, B.,Presenter, Architecting the Future workshop, Buckminster Fuller Institute (Bioneers at Marin October 2010)

Cahan, B.,Panelist, Creative Green Finance: Valuing Investment in Sustainability, West Coast Green (October 2010)

Cahan, B.,Convener/Curator, TEDxNewWallStreet (held Computer History Museum, Mountain View CA March 11, 2012)

Cahan, B.,Panelist, Greening America’s Cities, Clean Tech Open Conference (July 2010)

Cahan, B.,Panelist, on the Future of Tech and Banking, Future of Money & Tech Summit, San Francisco (April 2010)

Cahan, B.,Presenter, GoodBank™(IO) and High Transparency Banking, South American Business Forum (Buenos Aires October 2009), attendance sponsored by U.S. State Department

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