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Classes at Sustainable Banking @ Stanford

Sustainable Banking is a new academic curriculum, of its nature multi-disciplinary, and brings together talented faculty and graduate student research and academic inquiry from across the many departments at Stanford University, in industry, government and elsewhere.

This thinking blends "how to build what matters" with the environmental and social benefits of doing so responsibly, with the emerging stewardship trends in impact valuation and investment.

Spring 2013 Sustainable Banking Seminar (CEE 244A)

Beginning with the Spring 2013 Quarter, the first Stanford Engineering Sustainable Banking Seminar (CEE 244A) was offered and featured bankers, bank regulators, “big data analytics” experts, financial technology venture capital investors, and crowd-funding startups, to gauge the state of play in the market for sustainable banking and its technology and culture.

These groups and topics were featured in 2013:

CEE 244A Participants

Download the complete course syllabus for CEE 244A here.

Download the CEE 244A informational materials here.


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